Monique Wong

A third year Accounting student at the Sauder School of Business, Monique is a strong advocate for using her business skills to better the community. With environmental sustainability being one of her primary passions, she hopes to help individuals and businesses make profit, treat their people well and respect our planet. An activator and a learner, she loves to inspire others to reach their fullest potentials while seeking to do so also in her personal life.

Monique hopes to pursue or Chartered Accountant designation upon graduation. In doing so, Monique hopes to exposed to a wide variety of industries, work with great people, learn lots as well as develop business acumen and those basic skills to make a business case as well as the environmental case for environmental sustainability.

In her spare time, Monique loves connecting with individuals and learning about their stories while sharing hers also – everyone is unique and deserves to be heard.