monir khan

Web Developer and Social Media Manager in Saudi Arabia

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Hello,I am monirkhan, But everyone known as monirkhan ,I am expart in the fleld of search Engizing optimization (SEO) office Application and Natworking. I am born in the city of comlla Bangladesh in 02-02-1979. I am completed secadary study from bolighor high school After completed heyer secondary scrikil degree collage. After reciving my degree I take an Industrial traning on Hardware and networking from Bangladesh university in Dhaka..My professional cariear starts as a DATA ENTRY . Iam also working as a Frcelancer in the market place name UPWORK and FIVER,com I am highly capable to motivate subordinates and Adapting in any tupe of enveroment, I am also flexible,dependable and able to work light guidelince,challenging condition and long hours Iam also a self motivate energetic, challenging condition and long hours, thanks..