Monisa Shah

Monisa Shah, a simple girl believing in Fairy tale Romance but someone who's strong inside n has an urge to achieve her DREAM.

I have passion for Sketching and my DREAM is to spread ths art & knowledge to everyone who wants to learn about it.

And here I am putting my first step for achieving my dream of spreading this knowledge in a Unique and interactive way where students enjoy what they do and crave to learn more n more.

Introducing a new and unique course indulging SKETCHING & RENDERING Techniques..... along with an introduction to World ART HISTORY

The Sketching & Rendering Techniques is a 6 Months intensive Course aiming to provide Basic Technical Skills to its Students,which also aims as a base to enter/apply for any Design related Course (i.e. Fashion Designing, Interiors,Architecture etc)

It also aims at developing strong Conceptual Skills along with students Visualization abilities. The course aims at covering Rendering & Sketching Techniques such as :
Basic Sketching
Understanding Line and Form
Composition & Visualization
Using of Pencil Shading
Color Pencils
Dry Pastels
Oil Pastels
Introduction to Pen and Ink.

Duration - 6 Months.

We also aim at covering an Introduction to World Art History, encouraging students to make presentations on various topics which will be exposed to them during the duration of Course.

Eligibility: 15 years and above.