Monica El'Shaddai

It's not that difficult you know... that is to do the right thing. All you really have to do is listen. Yes listen to that small little voice in your head that questions you and attempts to remind you to rethink your actions as you are doing them. I believe we all have them. I could hear me talking over my whisper at times and I know, but I want to keep being mad at times. It's only until later that I think back. I've noticed that the secret to it all is about "holding back" those negative thoughts even just seconds; the urge will fade and you will find yourself in a better place. It will not be you anymore. Sure...the problem you face may not all all be fixed in that moment, but it wouldn't have even if you did get angry about anyway. Saying it out loud actually helps and now I will continue on with my day. Remember, it is up to you how you allow others to affect YOU!