Amanda Hammond

Michigan, United States

Hey, Hi, Hello! Are you a business or an overwhelmed social media personality looking to enhance their social presence and experience?? Well, let me just say, you've come to the right place. My name is Amanda and I've been active on social media since, well, myspace. Once Facebook and the rest of the social media platforms came into place, I immersed myself in all things social media. As the social media empires gained steam, I'd find myself always helping friends and family setup profiles, recommend platforms that suited their needs, and often troubleshooted any problems they were having. It wasn't until early 2015 that I decided that I wanted to put my skills to use, and help people with their social media presence, especially businesses. With that decision made, I took to marketing giant Sandi Krakowski and went through all her classes to gain more insight on how to market on social media. Aside from taken Sandi's classes, I have continued stocking up on a wealth of information by reading tons of books on digital marketing and learning the tricks of the trade. It wasn't until just a few months ago that my brainchild, Monkeestien Media, was born. Through Monkeestien Media I provide businesses and social personalities with services such as Digital Marketing | Social Platform Setup | Newsletter Creation | Page Management | Email Creation | Social Application Creation. My Consultation is always free. If you are a business, or personality who is in need of my skills/services, please contact me today.