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I’m Mordecai (he/him) but you can call me:

or any other variation of my name it’s all good with me bucko ;^)

The true way to my heart is by talking to me about my favorite bands which are(in order):

✚Twenty One Pilots/✚Nothing But Thieves/✚grandson
✚Saint Motel
✚Des Rocs
✖Oliver Tree
✚Sir Sly
✚Matt and Kim
✚Barns Courtney
✚The Killers
✚Passion Pit
✚Bishop Briggs
✖The Ghost Club
✚Green Day
✖Franz Ferdinand
✖The Black Keys
✚The Struts
✚The Wrecks
✚Death Cab For Cutie
(✚seen live; ✖haven't seen live)

Don’t follow me if:
>You’re homophobic, racist, a TERF, or just an asshole in those regards
>You think pedophilia is okay
>You’re a Trump supporter
>You post DDLG and stuff like it

My blog will only ever be stupid memes and the shit I like because I just want my blog to be a safe fun place and if you ever just really really really need me to tag something tell me please cause the only stuff I ever tag is nsfw and blood type stuff and I rarely reblog that kinda stuff so don’t worry too much

If ya ever just wanna message me please do I’m really chill and really stupid so if ya wanna be friends we can

You can literally send me anything in my asks or submit, tell/show me anything stupid or anything that has to do with the stuff I like

•10/18/15• ;;-7/21/16-;; +2/11/17+ **11/11/18**

:: 9/20/18 - 9/24/18 ::


The dates are some of my favorite things I've been to if ya wanna know what each of them are just ask!

That’s really it, okay, love you <3