John Smith

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease that can affect anyoneregardless of big or small, rich or poor etc. Monobenzone is one of the mostly used treatment for the disease, ifyou do not know what kind of skin problem is this you must know that in thisthe skin of the affected person loses its pigments due to which the skinaffected turns whitish or pale in color. The disease can become very muchembarrassing to the one affected by it, but you can treat the disease in orderto get the real skin shade back on the affected areas.

While you want to use Monobenzone as the treatment of thedisease, you may get irritation, redness or dryness as it may not suit yourskin, and in such case you will need to consult an expert. Benoquin is a brand for Monobenzone that is widely used fortreating the skin disease
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