Monochrome Myth

Hello, welcome.

My name is Fanny Chen.

I love League of Legends, Anime, Vocaloid, Mochi, Pumpkins; yes, pumpkins are amazing, they're sweet and bold; my Imperial Lux mousepad, the word 'Elixir', Pokemon, Mythical creatures and well, food. Let's face it people, we all love food.

Anyways, I'm Canadian, CBC to be exact. And yes, it's really cold here in the Winter, but it doesn't snow a lot anymore. That's Sad... Despite the fact that I'm Canadian, I've never seen a cow in my life, pretty ironic, heh? But I do say 'eh' at the end of my sentence sometimes.

As I mentioned before, I love League of Legends. I love everything in League of Legends. I love the concept, Runeterra, the game- ohmymordekaiser, I just adore the places there. In fact, if you ever see me in real life, I would just probably have a binder in my hand saying "League of Legends" on it, with all the fanfictions, I'm currently writing or anything shippings I want to spazz about- And did I mention, I love Demacia? #Spin2Win

I also adore fanfictions, in fact, I write them myself. Not the best, but I do try. Chromyx is my fanfiction name, and yeah. Give it a try.

Anyways, my IGN for League is MonochromeMyth, if you want to play with me then sure. Let's play! But I do have to add that I'm not the best summoner in the world.

And remember this, if Justin Bieber can't do it, then you can do it.