hello!! im fae! im a 13 y/o girl and i lov cats more than i love myself,

as of right now my main interests are kirby of the stars and keroro gunso!

my gf is marcy and ive been with her for almost 2 yearsπŸ’–πŸ’–!! dont follow me if u dont like her.

im pretty shy and not very good at conversation.. however i try to be funny a lot and find a lot of things funny so the easiest way to befriend me is probably making me laugh! im also pretty easily excited and i might type in caps a lot so if that bothers u please tell me!!

i would appreciate it if u could atleast try to like my posts if u see them!! i understand if ur not on or busy though! i tend to get really grumpy when people ignore me so please dont purposely ignore me..

i have a few kins but they arent very important, but if u wanna know them, feel free to dm me!

that's about it! please dm me a cat emoji so i know u read this all! thank u!