Eric Monsales

Davao City, Philippines

Eric Monsales

Davao City, Philippines

The key to success is determined not by the degree or honors you have obtained in college but it is through hard work, optimism, perseverance, determination and more importantly your very own drive and motivation to learn.

Previously worked full-time for a BPO company under the operations department. The post entails handling, planning collaborations, retention and communications with offshore clients.

My first passion have always been writing poems, short stories, articles, playwrights, song writing, writing quotes and opinions about anything and everything.In addition. I have created more than 500 songs and more than a hundred of them were already sung by a solo artist and bands.

Currently collaborating with aspiring music artist for their song covers. Please see video.

Traveling is now part of my existence, whether backpacking the countryside with a group or companion and sometimes just by myself. No force on Earth that can stop me and my feet from going the distance and conquering places unknown.

As a tech and gadget enthusiast, I have been following the evolution of the different types of technologies, from handheld devices to data networking equipment of small scale entities to industrial and corporate businesses.

Starting your own company is tedious and challenging. However these are just obstacles. Just imagine the fruits of your labor.I am keen as to what is new and what is upcoming trends of our world, from a business perspective to consumers, this is my own way of learning so that I can cope up with the entrepreneur's world. Data gathering, market research, feasibility studies, marketing strategies and business plans are to name a few.

Former Youth Leader and Speaker, previously active in a University affiliated non-profit, non-government organization that helps and motivates out-of-school youth, teen moms and dads, teens underwent abortion, teens underwent baby adoption, orphans, runaways and teens with cancers and HIV. Was also active in youth movement and empowerment against abuse of all sorts.

Madly in love with paragliding, wakeboarding, white water rafting, mountaineering, spelunking, trekking, zombie-themed fun-runs, and snorkeling.

Addicted to: The Walking Dead, Scandal and Fear the Walking Dead.

Hardcovers: All the lights we cannot see and The Martian

People say there is only "one" of you existed. But Physics says that there are "multi-verses". Now, do the math.

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