Pilar Monserrat


My name is Pilar, I have fifteen years old, I was born in federal district on August 1st 1997 in the hospital "Ignacio Zaragoza", I lived in Ixtapaluca San Buenaventura there I studied my primary and only kindergarten through third, and fourth I moved to the State of Mexico for the metro Neza, study in technical school No. 71 which I came in as technical secretariat.

Now study CECyT 14 which was my fifth choice, and I am happy to study there, I want the specialty of accounting and am learning to play volleyball.

My family is big, but I'm happy haci I have 2 younger siblings: My sister Lucero 12 years and my 9 year old brother, sometimes are somewhat pesky and annoying a lot but I love them, in different ways but not change anything although on occasion I fought with them. My mom is a great person, but my mom is my best friend to whom I can tell everything and I can tell you everything and gives me good advice and when scolds me and I like that it does for me to see my errors. My dad is a bad person because facing, but it is very good person and I love him and I can play and is very special to me.

Anyway I want to get to finish a race that's been my goal since I have memory not saying that race right now because I'm something indesisa truth, but I want to move forward despite the obstacles that I may have.