Monsieur Vampland

Los Angeles, California, United States

Monsieur Vampland's style is atmospheric and hypnotic. A blend of IDM fused with pop/rock influences. He first started writing experimental music in the late 90's and was inspired to expand his material and his audience.

Dubbed as "One of the sexiest and classiest musical acts in the music business right now." by Sheena Metal, Music Highway Los Angeles Talk Radio.

Monsieur Vampland produces, performs and writes all his music and is a proud member of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Based in Los Angeles, Monsieur Vampland sold his first CD in New Zealand through the independent music company CDBABY. His first performance was held on Hollywood boulevard in the 2007 Songkran Festival and earned the title "Highlight of the Show".

Monsieur Vampland has performed at the following venues The Hollywood Knitting Factory, The M Bar of Hollywood, The Hollywood Songkran Festival, UBG Studio City, 47 Central and the 2009 NAGLY Benefit in Salem, Massachusetts.

"I Want to Exist" was released April 19, 2011 and is now an instant Monsieur Vampland hit. Now available on iTunes CD Baby and Amazon. It debuted number 94 on the Dance charts on Reverbnation for Los Angeles CA on the last week of April 2011 and reached the #38 spot in the Electronica charts in Paris France for 2 weeks in May 2011.