One in a black robe dressed gentleman slowly carves its way through the rows of spectators.

His unconventional transition adheres to a touch of determination and indifference.

On a certain charming wordless way and manner he draws the audience slowly under its spell.

Expectant curiosity takes over. The first laughter are given and a surge of exhilaration sweeping through the crowd.

Monsieur takes once a first Chosen to his side. But this remains by no means the only one!

From now on, softens the boundary between stage and audience and there are unexpected moments, surprising dynamics evolve.

Monsieur orchestrated with subtle gestures of this great structure and makes hidden humor visible where we might imagine

and so every event with him is like a never-recurring moment.

His contradictory character does not look broken.The other way round!

It combines many opposites and allows the resulting images look so rich that you can see the current special in it.

The condition is... look closely !

In addition, you need to increase...

Accompanied by the Pianist Nora Born with music composed specifically for this show.