Jim Davis

Dana Point, CA

Monster Paint Clear Spray-On Traction for Stand Up Paddle Boards is Ultra-Lite, Super Clear and provides Nose Riding Grip.

It is Spray-On SUP Traction that gives you the grip and the looks you are looking for.

Surface Coverage: 1 spray can will coat 3 Boards and 3 Paddles

“With a shiny, brand new SUP Board and stylish deck pad on the back half where I paddle from…..what about when I’m riding a wave and need to run up to the nose? Wax…..that gets dirty and all over everything else? NO WAY, I recommend a Spray can of Clear Monster Paint, the non-slip clear texture coating that brilliantly shows the manufactures label, Hawaiian prints, Airbrush colors, pin line and even any stick-on logos and don’t worry about slipping off ever again.” ~Aloha Gerry Lopez


*Where can I use Monster Paint Traction?

Use Monster Paint Traction for "Nose Riding" on Longboards, SUP Board and the Paddle Shaft for "Hand Grip". For Sailboard, Kiteboard, Wakesurfing, Towboard, Skimboard and Skateboards. Use on Shortboards as a wax base coat for killer wax bumps and "Hand Grip" for unreal big air tricks.

*How many boards will 1 Spray Can of Monster Paint Traction cover?

Surface coverage (using 3 coats each) is 3 Boards or 2 boards and 2 paddles.

*What surfaces can I apply Monster Paint Traction?

Epoxy, Fiberglass, Gloss Coat and Sand Finish, Gelcoat, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, and most other surfaces.

*How do I apply Monster Paint Traction?

Clean surface of all dirt, wax, oil, etc. Spray from a distance of 18" inches using smooth even strokes. Apply 3 lite coats to build up the clear texture for long lasting traction. For more details see directions on back of the can or download “Chuck's Application Tips” below.

*How do I clean the surface area prior to appling Monster Paint Traction?

Prep the surface using a Surf Wax Remover or lacquer thinner, and paper towels. All wax, oil, and dirt must be removed to insure proper adhesion.

*What is the minimum temperature I can apply Monster Paint Traction?

Apply when the temperature is 50*F (12*C) minimum, 90*F (32*C) maximum.

*How long does it take to dry?

Dry to the touch in 1 hour. H

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