Montana Audubon


The Mission of Montana Audubon is to promote appreciation, knowledge, and conservation of native birds, other wildlife, and their habitats. Founded in 1976, Montana Audubon has built effective programs in public policy, education, and bird conservation to serve its members and Montana's nine community-based Audubon Chapters.


Montana Audubon works through and with people to identify and conserve vital ecological systems for birds and other wildlife.

Montana Audubon uses the best available conservation science for identifying the threats to these ecological systems : systems such as riparian zones, grasslands and forest systems.

Montana Audubon employs highly integrated Education, Advocacy and Citizen Science Programs to address and abate those threats, always focused on people taking conservation action.

Montana Audubon develops these Programs at a local level, striving to make them applicable to wide and diverse audiences, modified to local interests, concerns and needs. It is a sharply-focused, community-based program with multiple tools to assist people in attaining the inspiration, knowledge and desire to take positive, conservation action to conserve these vital ecological systems.