Montana Faust

Wisconsin USA

Hi my name is Montana. I attend Sheboygan County Christian High School. I believe that Christ has died for my sins and that we should live for him. I attend Plymouth Alliance Church. I have been raised in christian faith as long as i can remember. Outside of school i enjoy to go horseback riding, hunting, and anything involving me being able to shoot my bow. I have one sister who has taught me how to have patience, well some patience.

I also love to play basketball, but i am very competetive and that is not always a good thing. When I played I was a guard. Besides just horses I love all animals. I live on a hobby farm with ten horses three dogs, two cats, and soon chickens. God has blessed my family with the privelage of being able to have a farm, but with the farm comes responsability and I feel that God is teaching me so many things in my day to day life without me even realizing it right away.