Montezuma II


I am Montezuma II or Moctezuma. In Aztec language it is Motecuhzoma Xocoyoti. I was born in 1502 AD in Tenochtitlan and died in 1520 in Tenochtitlan. I used to be the Aztec triple alliance. I was the 9th king. I got killed by the spanish people that came to our land and conquered it. When i was the king, my aztec city was full of temples and people. Our religion may sound weard but we sacrafice people for gods by cutting their heads off and also taking out their hearts. My last battle (you might already guessed) was the battle of the Spanish people trying to conquire Mexico. As a king, I wore as a crown a huge green headdress that looks like leaves. I also wore golden cloths.


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