Ana Monteiro

Coimbra, Portugal

Ana Monteiro - 17 years old - Coimbra, Portugal

I was never sure of what I wanted to be when I grew up, and now that I sort of have, I'm still not quite sure.

I started developing a passion for photography when I was 13 - my dad has loved photography all his life, although he doesn't do it as a profession - later on, after studying Multimedia as an Highschool course, it began being more about the motion picture, and so I started loving cinema, and everything surrounding it.

If I go a full week without watching a movie or a short film, I won't feel complete.

Reading is also a big part of my life, which recently got me interested in trying to write my own stuff. I am currently working in two different books.

I'm hoping, that one day, I'll become an awesome cinematographer... or then just a bloody awesome director like Tarantino. I'd live happily with that.

  • Education
    • ISMT - Instituto Superior Miguel Torga
    • Escola Dr. Joaquim De Carvalho