leonardo montero

my name is leonardo javier montero I was born on April 17, 1984 my parents Nicolas Montero Marquez and Gladys Reyes De Montero is always worried about me forward and give me the best study my primary Lice Andaluz in a school close to home and my secondary Gym monks.
I graduated in 2000 after studying graphic design I started but I got to postpone economic issues then I started to work there I met my wife with whom I had two girls the first one Karol Eliana was born in 2006 and the second Ailin Gabriela who born in 2013 are the light of my life started to grow the workforce in a logistics company in June 2012 and resume my studies and graduated in 2015 with honors permanici leading an important production factory called ACME everyone respected me and abided fuciones their welcome was a beautiful era.