Abrham Montes

1820 South Ouray street Aurora Colorado

Abrham Montes is an up and coming artist from Aurora Colorado who is about to finish up his final year of high school. After finishing his senior year he will be moving to New York City where he will be a freshmen in the animation program at the School of Visual Arts. With being accepted to this program he will follow his dream to become an animator. Where he would learn how to storyboard, script, backgrounds, character designs, and the actual animation. But if Abrham had to pick one part that he would consider his favorite part it would be character designs.

He will also be the first in his family to be going to college, which to Abrham is a very important accomplishment. Besides being a soon to be college freshmen Abrham will also graduate from the graphic design program at Pickens Technical college where he has now formed a understanding of a range of programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, flash to name a few and also formed a strong understanding of the fundamentals. His range of work has included such things as skateboard designs, identity design, web site design, and an ad for the Aurora Public Schools Credit Union that has been used by the credit union, and an annual report for the credit union. This is only a bit of the work Abrham has done not including the work he has done outside of Pickens.