Monte Tareski

Spokane Washington

Hello there! My name is Monte Tareski (look me up on Google)

If you are reading this then you must have at least some interest in what I do or are at least wondering...."Who is this Monte guy" that sent me an invitation to connect. on.

I have spent the last two or so decades building a network of connections. I have done this with the full intention of maintaining those relationships. Those that do know me personally will attest that I am extremely loyal to my family and to that network. In the last decade or so I have utilized Social Media to it's fullest and use that to stay connected to my extremely large network of followers and friends. I have connections in just about every country across the globe and am very proud to call most of them friends.

I was raised on a large ranch and understand the value of a hard day's work and living off the land. I truly believe that it is that background and upbringing that has given me the ability to build a network of folks that gravitate towards what I do.

My business relationships date to way before the proliferation of the Internet and Social Media. There are other and somewhat younger "Social Media Experts" but what I feel sets me apart are my years of experience in real world relationships coupled with the innate ability to dissect a social media website within a few minutes and teach it within a few hours.

I am a public speaker and could care less if the group in front of me is 5 or 5,000, board members or broom pushers. I bring a unique style of humor and knowledge to the table to each and every one of my presentations. Whether it is teaching a group of businesses about social media or explaining how to run an excavator, I can do so with style and get a group engaged so that they enjoy the experience......I have also been known to throw in a cuss word once in a while by accident so don't be shocked. It's just the way I roll....

"When it comes building business relationships, Monte seems to have a bottomless reserve of energy and creativity that he so willingly shares with everyone in his very extensive network.

His work as a Community Leader within the MerchantCircle network has most definitely impacted customer-acquisition in the greater Spokane area, and customer satisfaction across the nation. He's been a valuable asset to our team in offering feedback and suggestions while creating quality content and demon

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    • Lots of it!
  • Education
    • Eastern Washington University