Robert Monteux

Maine, United States

Like many people, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up. Also like many people, I continued to struggle with this decision long after I had actually grown up. I tried my hand at literally every type of occupation that came to me, from dancer to salesman, to consultant to hypnotist. It was only when I stumbled into personal and business coaching that I discovered what it was that I wanted to do: help others decide what they wanted to do, and support them in creating their results.

Working with clients through the mediums of hypnosis and coaching, I discovered that I had a gift for talking to people and helping them discover the answers they had locked away inside of them, and create the changes they wanted in their lives. Whether by phone, email, or in person, guided by my 3 C's - Clarity (What Do You Want), Confidence (Belief That You Can Do It) and Choreography (Structure and Planning), I've worked with people on 5 continents and I truly love helping people and businesses move from reaction to creation.

REMEMBER - Everything that you are feeling in the moment is coming from your thoughts. And thoughts are always changing. So don't believe everything you think!

  • Education
    • MBA