Montgomery Caesar


Montgomery works in the Social Care sector as a Support Worker. He supports people with learning disability. Sometimes it can be very challenging for him but yet rewarding because he is proud of his contribution that makes disability people live better and satisfactory lives.

Sometimes he spends his spare time exploring the internet for business opportunities. To equip himself for the job he began studying business and Information Technology at the Open University and achieved a Foundational Degree in Business Studies in 2010.

He began exploring the internet for business opportunities since 2011. He is still exploring because he sees going into business as a journey which can take you anywhere. At least he is not where he began because he had been learning every bit of the way. He realised that customers and business opportunities are the determining factors that go hand in hand. Trend is the way to go because almost everyone is heading that way.

Montgomery was born in the early 1950s in Guyana and had seen how events changed over the years. These changing events have impacted on him so much that he had moved from a farmer, to a support worker and perhaps finally an internet marketer. Events changed so fast that he is not where he began.

Migrating to another country can have an impact so great that starting a new career can be a way out. He believes that everyone should ensure that they make the right decisions at all time since our lives reflect our decisions.

With some hard work and determination he hopes one day to be a fulltime internet marketer.