Montie Roland

Montie Roland is the founder and president of Montie Design, a decade-old mechanical engineering and industrial design firm focused on new product development for business-to-business products in low-to-medium product sales volumes. Mr. Roland has a superior level of expertise in the development of business-to-business products, rack mount products, equipment designed for rugged environments and military use, laboratory tools, and firearm accessories/ sporting goods. A 1990 graduate of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University, Roland has a twenty-year track record successfully developing products at various stages from concept to market launch, partnering with an impressive array of valued clients across a diverse set of industries. Montie Design, based in the east coast’s premier hub for product development, the Research Triangle Park area near Raleigh, North Carolina, is a firm acutely focused on building exceptional client relationships for business-to-business and rugged/mission-critical products. Montie Design’s leader, Mr Roland, is also the founder and president of the RTP Product Development Guild and Co-op, a trade association of engineers, designers, and affiliated partners tasked with cooperation in business opportunity for the greater economic development of the Research Triangle Park area and surrounding geographic regions in North Carolina. The Co-Op meets several times each year to promote area firms, holds an annual Street Faire to open itself to the general public, and, through its Venture Teams arm, incubates teams of local entrepreneurs to spur new business creation in the area. Through the Guild and Co-op, Mr. Roland and his partners on the leadership team have built a trusted network of dozens of vendors providing reliable and cost-effective services such as rapid prototyping, software, electrical engineering and manufacturing well beyond Montie Design’s core services of mechanical engineering and industrial design. Patents 07280196 - Spectrophotometer and subassemblies thereof. Hobbies Mountain Biking, Shooting, Hiking, Backpacking, Camping