Moran Zhang

New York, New York, United States

I am currently a student in Fordham University School of Law in the United States. Originally I am from Shandong Province in China - the birth place of Confucious. Before coming to the United States, I thoroughly enjoyed studying the legal system of China in Beijing. After coming to the United States, my interest in the legal fields grew even more.

I particularly enjoy answering the challenges the corporate and financial law presents. How to reconcile the various moral hazards and conflicts of interests among board of directors in an M&A transaction? How does unsecured creditor protect itself in a debenture agreement? How to build a strong shareholder agreement? How to manage the legal risks of doing business in China? All fascinating topics. All fascinating materials to read and write on.

As someone with the expertise and passion, I will be more than qualified to help clients navigate through the challenges in the fields of corporate and finance law. For me, the client satisfaction and the problem solving process are the biggest reward to practicing law.

  • Education
    • Fordham Law School