For the last few life times I have worked in web and often there has been a relationship with learning. I'm passionate about things (oh so many things) and insatiably curious. I love to learn. I love hearing new ideas and points of view.

I am passionate about topics including identity, reputation, privacy, freedom of speech and in technology for social good. I am interested in how technology can be used in business, education and by society to improve and make things easier for people.

The spaces listed on this page are spaces simply acconts I've created to try ou or that I'm trying out. Not all of them are useful to me currently - or in the context of this account/community.

I use some of these spaces more under a different account - as my virutal world avatar - to communicate with the Second Life™ and virtual world citizens who are more likely to recognise/communicate with my avatar. Having separate accounts makes life easier - it means I'm not having to constantly explain my context to one group or the other. Virtual world conversations can sometimes be confusing/perplexing to those not familiar with these environments! :P