Morgan Wheeler

Long Beach, California

I'm a problem solver, who loves to use technology to create better lives and better businesses. I help financial firms, government agencies, healthcare providers and many other businesses achieve their compliant, efficient and integrated dreams. I believe a little bit of creativity goes a long way, both in our public and private lives. My Company use's the Laserfiche ECM Suite to build turnkey content management solutions.

I also believe in balance. At the end of my day The Suit comes off and the overalls go on. Beehives, horses, chickens, and a myriad of other plants and creatures call me to my second job, and lifelong passion: Nature. I grow everything I can, recycle, compost, reuse greywater, catch rainwater, plant water-wise gardens, manage aquaculture, and walk a lot. I make mead, cider, beer, vinegar, Kombucha and saurkraut, albeit not always perfectly. I believe in smart living, eating, breathing and drinking, and always read the ingredient labels. I live an organic lifestyle as much as possible. I keep an open mind, and question everything.

Live like a Champion,

Love like a Poet, and

Dream like a Child.

  • Work
    • Laserfiche
  • Education
    • California State University, Long Beach