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Sohanjana, a common Urdu name for this miracle plant is known as Moringa in Pakistan. Though Moringa is general sole genus, and there are almost thirteen different varieties of this miracle herb. Most commonly known and most abundant in nutritional value is moringa Oleifera. Moringa is cultivated in southern part of Pakistan. Area of Pakistan like Dera ghazi Khan, Bhawalpur, Lallian, Patoki and Lahore are famous destination for moringa plantation. Moringa oleifera powder available in Pakistan

What is moringa?

It belongs to the small family of plant is known as Mogingaceae, a flowering tropical and subtropical species. Due to a very vast variety of benefits to human and living species it is also named as miracle tree family. Research and development in many agriculture universities is being carried out to develop and explore more benefits and species of moringa.

Is Moringa powder available in Pakistan?

Moringa tree is native to Pakistan, India and Africa. Although it is also cultivated to other regions of the world Yet, the quality moringa is harvested in these regions. Moringa tree requires dry and hot weather for its growth, and giving health nutrition rich leaves. Having the right moringa oleifera tree from native region, it good, but it also matters how the plants are growing up i.e. are they fed with inorganic fertilizers? And secondly, the leaves are picked and prepared in the hygienically method. Third, are the packed in food grade material.
In Pakistan, Moringa pure is a company that is providing the organic moringa powder with taking proper pre-cautions for preparing moringa powder for human consumption. Now, Moringa powder online Pakistan.

Moringa powder in Pakistan price

moringa leaf powder price in Pakistan is between 1000 per kg to 2500 per kg. While buying always keep a check on the quality and price on quality. The powder should be bright green and not the dim color.

Moringa Powder Benefits

It is such a miracle that none of the part of moringa tree is wasted. From stems, leaves, seeds to roots, every chuck is used in different ways to have benefits. Moringa is used as food for human beings, livestock, and fish as well. There are also many medicinal benefits as well. Other applications of moringa are as bee fodder, bio-pesticides, plant fertilizers, biofuels and water purification.

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