Alan Fairweather

UK US Singapore Vietnam Indonesia Philippines Australia

Greetings! I am an International Speaker, Business Development Expert, Entrepreneur, and successful Author. For the past twenty two years I've been developing the talents of Managers, Sales and Customer Service people and turning them into consistent top performers. After training as an engineer, I moved into sales and management. I held senior positions in the Electronics, Engineering, Industrial Supplies, Car maintenance and Drinks Industry. You will find me in the UK, US, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines facilitating seminars and workshops for people in – Banks, Retail stores, Hotels, Real estate, Telecommunications, Insurance, Call Centers, Beer Wine and Soft Drinks, Electrical Appliances, Semi-conductors, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering. Check out my best selling books: How to be a Motivational Manager - How to Manage Difficult People - How to Make Sales when You don't Like Selling Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. For regular tips, techniques, skills and strategies, sign up for my blog - DocMentation