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Physical Therapy Classes in West Palm Beach, FL

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"Movement For Vitality is a full-service physical fitness and therapy facility with the goal to turn traditional, expensive, one-on-one physical therapy sessions into group classes that blend therapy and fitness into a group setting for optimal results! With a focus to help create a healthier day to day life for those who are among ages 50+, we believe that a different level of therapy is required in order to help repair, rehabilitation and manage some of the most important physical functions that humans perform day in and day out.

Our certified staff members place a heavy focus on helping to enhance posture, balance, strength, mobility, weight loss, mental function, endurance, range of motion and overall health! We have a fully licensed and certified physical therapist on staff along with world class physical trainers and lifelong athletes who are dedicated to helping you perform like never before.

In order to create a comfortable setting while you perform your frequent classes, we have built a beautiful air conditioned location, with rubber flooring and exercise equipment at

512 Evernia St suite 102, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, right beside the Brightline train station. Our close bond with the neighboring crossfit facility allows us to provide an even wider range of opportunities for each member as you take part in Movement For Vitality.

Traditional physical therapy in west palm beach can be expensive and not designed for the betterment of your physical fitness in the long term. We aim to shed a new light on how you can repair, rehabilitate and regenerate your body with the movement for vitality group physical therapy fitness model. If you are looking to manage your health, ensure that your body will remain strong as you age or you simply need assistance with rehabbing a muscle that needs a full recovery, then we can help! We are the only physical therapy facility that can also provide you with the next steps, if you wish to advance from group classes and take your fitness to a new level. Enjoy the benefits of the #1 fitness and physical therapy facility in Palm Beach County! Take part in a completely free, comprehensive consultation and learn about how you can start on a path to bettering your health and fitness while regaining true vitality!"

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Movement For Vitality

Address: 512 Evernia St Suite 102, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33401 USA

Phone: (561) 440-1812

Email: [email protected]