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The Maldives Health Declaration is a nationwide public declaration by the government of the Maldives on all citizens' health. It is intended to raise awareness about rights and promote good health among residents. This declaration includes several elements, including basic health services, general welfare, development, social program programs, emergency preparedness and privacy, as well as representative government. All citizens must have their own copy of the declaration.

There are several sections to the Maldives Health Declaration Form. A three-box checkbox asks for basic information such as name, age, and current location. The code for the security section includes a reference to the International Health Regulations (the) code for security issues. The applicant will receive a certificate of authenticity as well as a national card upon submission.

To be qualified for the health declaration, everyone must be registered with an agent who can act as a legal representative on behalf of the applicant. These agents can be hired privately, or they can be recognized by the government to increase awareness of their services in the country. There are specific criteria that everybody must meet in order to qualify for the special healthcare coverage in the Maldives.

Two issues are particularly important to foreigners who work in Maldives. One is the issue of travel health insurance, which the authorities consider a fundamental human right. No one should be allowed to work in the country without travel insurance. This includes health coverage for a specific period as determined by the authorities. Another issue is the wearing by Maldivian citizens of face masks while outside. Many foreign professionals find it difficult and dangerous to travel to Maldives because face masks are prohibited in certain areas. The health declaration form outlines the measures taken by the authorities to ban the use of facial masks outdoors.