Mowrad Rownak

Natural Wellness Marketer, Natural Wellness Consultant, and Natural Wellness Coach in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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No Dojo Ninja Dojo representative ( / www.NoDojo.Ninja ) & Bujinkan Tori representative ( )


Having a difficult childhood with various psychological & social (therefore health) issues, Row found solace in strategy games (both war & business oriented), super hero role models, sports, and psychology where he scored high school grades beyond the actual limit (thanks to bonus questions). He became a health & fitness buff since 1992, then found Ninjutsu in 2007.

Born in Islamic but cosmopolitan Abu Dhabi and raised in an Islamic family and various such schools, he stayed in many places in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East while experimenting (through theory & practise) with all major religions.

He learned how to swim shortly after he learned how to walk, and at the tender age of 15 became the youngest swimmer to nab the fastest swimmer honor in Jordan in 1992.

Driven by his passion to unearth his birth right: a perfectly natural physique, he started religious strength training with the close guidance of Global Health & Fitness. He also played basketball (along with taking classes & mentorship) while joining competitions where he won a medal.

He played various other sports like soccer, baseball, volleyball, badminton, ping pong, tennis, and billiards. It was shortly after that he started his love story with self development through yoga & martial arts.


As a lover of structure and basis, he took up Karate in his younger years in Canada, Jordan, and Dubai until reaching yellow belt twice. He also enjoyed some Hatha Yoga & Tai Chi Chuan in Canada, along with some wrestling & acrobatics.

He took up Professional Writing & Christianity in Canada taking a couple of courses in each. He found a strong passion for writing & was an avid lifestyle blogger since 2001.

He also found great joy in languages & philosophy while in high school and again while in college. He later was fascinated with public speaking (including researching & designing) in college which he started to tremendously enjoy.


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  • Work
    • No Dojo Ninja Dojo, 3LANet
  • Education
    • York University
    • Glendon College
    • American Intercontinental University
    • American University in Dubai