Michael Gray

What I Do from 8a-5p: Philanthropy. I give away other people's money. Greatest lesson learnt: The art of saying no.

What I Do From 5p-8a: Music, politics, and horsing around. Greatest lesson learnt: Music and horses are good for the soul; politics, often, is not.

What I Used To Do from 8a-5p: Campaigns & State Dept. Greatest lesson learnt: Respect for even the most foolish of positions.

What I Studied: Genetics, Italian language & literature, and French literature. Greatest lesson learnt: The cultural value of a liberal arts education.

What I'm Good At: Connecting with people. Greatest lesson learnt: How to remember a name.

What I'm Bad At: Not playing devil's advocate. Greatest lesson learnt: Counter arguments actually do help others clarify their own position...whether they like it or not.

What You Should Learn: Another language; une autre langue; un'altra lingua.