Mattias Petter Johansson

Job: Creates Fun Fun Function, a YouTube show about programming.

Previously hacking JavaScript atSpotify. Formerly responsible for the front-end of JayCut, an online video editor which was acquired by Blackberry, where I worked in a small team that built Story Maker.

I've coded big-budget web campaigns for Absolut Vodka. I've founded and managed an eCommerce company.
I also created Knappnytt a web video series,
and briefly worked as a producer for SVT.

Coding for 13 years, give or take.
Most comfortable with JavaScript, but I have coded in a LOT of other languages, including SmallTalk (in Danish) and
I prefer my code test-driven.

Rubiks Cube: Personal best is 1 minute and 28 seconds.
Quora: Over 4500 followers and 750 answers.
Photoshop: Started using at 12 years of age.
Meyers-Briggs personality type: ENTP