Gifted Mogbolu

Project Manager, Consultant, and Designer in PH, Nigeria

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Hey, I’m Gifted. An IVMS project coordinator and professional with over a decade of In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) experience. A major part of that experience came from working on IOCs project across Nigeria. I am a big fan of Internet of things (IoT) with hobbies in web and graphic design.

My expertise and experience with success in managing In-Vehicle Monitoring System project from pre-deployment, takeoff and running phases is not in doubt. Having headed IVMS team of two top IOCs (Shell & Agip) contractors, my record is easily confirmable by any interested party.

My software and hardware skill set in web and auto electrical puts me in an advantage position to tackle emerging dynamic challenges as they unfold. My achievement ranges from safety in hardware installations, 100% rate hardware to web configurations, ongoing hard and software maintenance, report customization, in-dept report analysis, asset recovery, violations reduction from driver coaching, incident reduction from realtime monitoring interventions and more.

Is your organization in need of an experienced IVMS human resource to make input in a project? I love challenging role with opportunities. Am open for discussion.

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    • In-Vehicle Monitoring System
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