MrBlobby Blobby Blobby

Mr. Blobby had his big breakthrough in 1993, when he took the world by storm, if not by tornado. He started his career in 1991 in Gotcha, the candid camera item of a BBC show called Noel's House Party. Soon he appeared with Noel Edmunds on stage.
Blobby impressed me with his limited vocabulary ("Blobby, blobby, blobbyyyy!") and his anarchist behaviour. He bumped into people. He walked over people. And he never said sorry.
When Noel's House Party ended he became an inevitable part of the Saturday morning children show Live & Kicking, ruining props, hosts and guests. Kids loved him. He soon had his own corner with games like Blobby's Baggage and Blob-a-job.
By then he had made his tour of triumph through the USA, where he and Mr. Edmunds had visited among others the highly overestimated talk show host Larry King, who still regrets the invitation. In many English speaking countries one could buy Blobby video's, Blobby CD's, Blobby dolls, Blobby games etc. Mr. B. even had a Christmas hit, that was loved by many and hated by many more.
However, his popularity diminished, or the BBC did not like him at all, and my hero disappeared from the Saturday morning children shows.
In 2001 he returned to the television screen in The Generation Game, at the time hosted by stand up comedian Jim Davidson. Mr. B. appeared in sketches, using meaningful words and even phrases, which gave me the itchy feeling I was looking at an imposter. Some of his doings were still remarkable though, like the punch he handed out to a dancer who was smiling too much. That show ceased to be in April 2002 and since then I haven't seen Mr. Blobby perform on television.
However, one fine day Mr. Blobby will return to our living rooms. In the mean time my modest web-site keeps the memories alive and honours the incredible, magnificent Mr. Blobby!

Big blobs for you all!