Robin Cato


My life started i Linköping where I grew up and lived for 19 years.
As a kid I was an active sportsman and played both hockey ( in Linköpings HC) and football (in IK Östria Lambohov).
Since I never developed and super skills (besides my extreme winner instinct and fighting spirit) I putted my sport dreams on the shelf and I focused on an educated career.
One year after the student I followed my brothers footsteps and moved to Uppsala where I started my bachelor studies as a machine engineer. When I only had one year remaining on the studies in Uppsala I felt like traveling and get some more work experience before I begin my career as a machine engineer, so me and a friend went to South America on a backpack trip.
Well, after a couple of different employments and a wonderful travel I met my lovely girlfriend in Oslo who kept me here.
So I have now worked fulltime 3 years in the eCommerce industry and learn so much about Magento, project management, sales and customer service.
I am also studying parttime on HiOA and getting my bachelor in machine engineering finished.

So now I'm excited and looking forward to a bright future with many challenging and interesting projects in either the eCommerce- or machine engineering industry!

Please contact me if you are interested in my participation in your project, I'd love to contribute with my knowledge and help you to achieve a success in your project.

  • Work
    • Convert Group AS
  • Education
    • Bachelor - Machine engineering @ HiOA and Uppsala Universitet