Patrick Chan, OCT, TESL

Ottawa, ON

Mr. Chan is his name and teaching is his game.

Patrick is a teacher. He has teaching qualifications in the intermediate (grade 7 - 10) and senior (grade 11 & 12) divisions. His teachable specializations are English and Social Sciences (General). He also finished his TESL certification (teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (ES/FL) to adults). In addition to these qualifications, he has additional basic qualifications in the junior division (grade 4 - 6) as well as additional qualifications in special education (part one) and ESL (part one). He aspires to create a lasting and positive impact through education.

His philosophy towards education is centered on fostering critical literacy, multiliteracies and empowerment through unveiling the discourse of subjugated knowledge. He is also a strong advocate of differentiated instruction and the genuine integration technology in the classroom. Further, his master’s synthesis centered on the disparity between memorization and critical literacy in the education system. His other research interests includes negotiating hyphenated Canadian identities in the classroom and developing multiliteracies skills.

Patrick lives in Ottawa, Canada. He is an alumnus of Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, the University of Western Ontario and Algonquin College.

Connect with him: @theMrChan on most platforms

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