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Matt Lichtenwalner

Matt Lichtenwalner

A Cold Wind to Valhalla

And ride with us young bonnie lass - with the angels of the night.
Crack wind clatter - flash rein bite on an out-size unicorn.
Rough-shod winging sky blue flight on a cold wind to Valhalla.
Break fast with the gods. Night angels serve with ice bound majesty.
Frozen flaking fish raw nerve - in a cup of silver liquid fire.
Moon jet brave beam split ceiling swerve and light the old Valhalla.
Come join with us please - the Valkyrie maidens cry above the cold wind to Valhalla.
The heroes rest upon the sighs of Thor's trusty hand maidens.
Midnight lonely whisper cries,

We're getting a little short on heroes lately.

Sword snap fright white pale goodbyes in the desolation of Valhalla.
And join with us please - the Valkyrie maidens ride empty-handed on the cold wind to Valhalla.

~Jethro Tull