Mark Wilson

ICT in Brighton, United Kingdom

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I have worked in Education and ICT for over 20 years now but I am still as passionate about best use of ICT in education as I was when I started. I have worked in both public and private sectors advising schools on best use of their ICT to fill its full potential for teaching and learning. I am a strong believer that the world of teaching and learning is changing rapidly within schools, with new ways of learning and new spaces for students to learn. The role of teaching is also changing, with developments in e-learning, tracking pupil progress, virtual learning environments and personalised learning in order to enhance progress, achievement and participation for students in a ‘anytime, anywhere’ access environment. As technology is ever changing at a rapid rate, I have been investing time in looking at new products and devices that schools are using, or thinking about using, so tablets within schools and cloud based products that schools can adopt and use to help progress the schools' vision of their ICT in education.

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