Mrs. Bryony Thurlow


I am currently teaching English to Y6 and Visual Arts to Y6, 7 and 8 in Victoria Shanghai Academy's secondary section. This is my 5th year living in Hong Kong. Previously, I have backpacked around Australia and South East Asia. I am orginally from the West coast of Scotland. I was born in the Glasgow area but also spent some time on the East coast of Scotland living in Dundee.

I studied at Dundee Art School (Duncan of Jordanstone) in Scotland and graduated with a bachelors of Arts in Fine Art. I went on to study at the University of Dundee a few years later, where I completed my PDGE qualification in Education. Once I graduated, I worked in a primary school in Glasgow's West end and later moved out to Hong Kong when offered a position in Victoria Shanghai Academy's primary section. In 2011, I moved up into the secondary section of VSA, along with the Year 6 students. This is my forth year with the secondary section.

Outside of school I enjoy diving, hiking, drawing, painting nursery murals for friends and arts and craft.

I also enjoy travelling and have gone to different places in Asia, Australasia, Europe, Africa and North America. My favorite travelling experience so far has to be the two years I spent backpacking around Australia and South East Asia. In particular, I spent 6months travelling the East, North and West coast of Australia in an old 4WD that we called ''Murphy's Law''- he really did live up to his name!

One of my favourite aspects of travelling is the opportunity to meet different wild life. I have encountered wallabees, kangaroos, elephants, Camels, Quokas, white rhinos, zebra and many many more animals that you would be hard pushed to find in Scotland!

My favorite place in the world however, would have to be Glasgow. I am a real patriot and will always have a soft spot for bonny Scotland. It never ceases to impress me when I come across someone who can pull off a good Scottish accent (some of these talented people are actually in our current Y7 and Y8 classes!)

Hope this gives you a chance to get to know me a little better!