Alice | Candifiend Studio

Originally from Houston, TX, the heartland of big hair and bold makeup, Alice now happily resides smack dab in the center of New York City, the vetting ground of every American style icon. After attaining a bachelor's degree in fashion design, Alice packed four suitcases (this was when you could still check two and carry two on with no extra fees), and made her way to Manhattan. During a stint working in the apparel design trenches, Alice realized all she really wanted to do was make a career of playing dress up. So, she struck out to make a name for herself as an arbiter of beauty and style instead. Thus Candifiend Studio, Alice’s one stop shop for all production needs and creative services for print, web, video/film and events from conception to launch, was born. Now Alice can be found anywhere from leading beauty teams backstage during fashion week, to working her styling magic on set, to sitting in on product development meetings. Alice is also a regular contributor to the NY edition of The Examiner where she gets to pontificate about beauty.