Martin Schwanke

IT Systems Technician in Portchester

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Having formerly worked for Kontron UK Ltd (Chichester) for 8 years, in embedded component and systems integration, and having supported vital life saving services with West Sussex Fire & Rescue, I am now embarking on a new career, based in Bournemouth, and also field based as a support technician with Coretx, a specialist support company, and will be assisting in the setting up of Cloud data centres, and utilizing MPLS packet routing off of a privately hosted super fast dark fibre connection backbone. I am a keen Professional power boater, and I hold a fully endorsed commercial Power Boat RYA Level 2 license, and ICC.

I have connections with the Queens harbour master patrol, encouraging safe boating at sea, and enjoy attending the PSP boat show at Southampton.

I also attended the Seawork working boat show, 2016, and up sold 5 (with a further 17) military type RHIB boats, and gained entrance to the 2017 DSEI exhibition as my reward for connecting people, and so i will look forward to attending the show,

I am lucky enough to live in Portchester (by the Sea), its officially part of the conjoining urban enlargement between Portsmouth and Southampton. I love and live in England, was born in Henley on Thames @ George Peppard Hospital (the son of a Livestock Farmer), and have lived in Recklinghousen (In the Rhur industrial regiion of Germany for four years), Reading, Hemel Hempstead, Selsey Bill, and have finally settled down in Portchester (near Fareham / Portsmouth), and love life here.

People past and present who inspire and impress me, Firstly, my good friend in Upper New York state, Mark Beaumont (him of failing hair, but gaining facebook repertoire - failing hair because in his youth, he owned a few excotic Italian cars, many without roofs), Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Patrick Moore, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Charles Dickens, Peter Sellers (the last three being native to Portsmouth) and mostly the lovely, kindhearted people of Portsmouth, who many a time have helped me.

People i have met:- The Queen (opening a shopping Center in Reading in the late 60's). Sir Patrick Moore (Garden Party - Selsey 2006), Sir Patrick Stuart and Tom Baker on Chichester railway station (during a Chichester Festival Theatre appearance), Sir Micheal Cane (he used to drink in "The Beehive PH in Upper Basildon)

Try your best to be the best you can be.

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