Whitney Gries

Hometown: Onawa, Iowa

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Mass Communication, Morningside College, 2010

Recruitment Area: I work with students in southern Iowa (below I-80) and northern Nebrasaka (above Highway 20).

What I like about my job: As a recent graduate of Morningside, it is fun to share my experience with prospective students in hopes that they too will have some amazing memories here! I also love the friendly atmosphere on campus and truly enjoy the people I work with.

What I look for in a student: I look for students who are thrilled about their future and college experiences to come - someone who is excited to be involved on campus and driven to work hard. College is one of the most amazing experiences a person will have, so I look for someone who is open to new and challenging things.

Hobbies: My passion in life is performing and entertaining. I love to be on stage in a play or even behind a microphone on the radio. I also enjoy dancing, watching movies, and eating new and interesting foods. That's me!

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