Martha Wade Steketee

Consultant, Writer, and Editor in New York

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Martha Wade Steketee has worked as a court researcher, policy analyst, editor, theater critic, and dramaturg. She has been member of and nominator for theater awards committees (Jeff in Chicago, Drama Desk in New York) and reviews scripts for theaters, festivals, and competitions. She is on the Board of League of Professional Theatre Women, and Executive Committees of Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas and American Theatre Critics Association.

Steketee writes for theater publications including HowlRound, TDF Stages, Dramatics, Broad Street Review, and Theater Pizzazz. She has provided research and editorial assistance on several publications in the past few years including The O’Neill: The Transformation of Modern Theater (2014) and What Playwrights Talk About (2017). Her blog Urban Excavations focuses on live performance and film. Steketee lives in New York City.