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Ms. Vicious

Welcome guys, dolls, swingers & squares! Six years ago I stumbled into the world of alternative modeling and its been a crazy ride down the drag strip ever since! My engine just purrs for pin ups, both vintage, and modern with retro influence. My passion for modeling grew along side a developing interest in graphic design. I chose to combine the two, and was born; website showcasing the most seductive pin up models in the industry! While a website alone was great, it just wasn't enough for me to show off my fellow pin ups who've inspired so many including myself. So, I created The Vicious Bettys Webzine featuring my favorite dolls! I never guessed it would gain so many readers with requests to have a printed version! In February 2011, Vicious Bettys Magazine was released with a new look, and in both print and digital format! If your dreams are filled with pin curls, stockings, garters, stilettos and blood red lips, I've got what you need! Come check out The Vicious Bettys Pin Up Dolls & Magazine! Photo by Telili Photography

-Editor & Chief of Vicious Bettys Magazine

-graphic design

-pin up model