Ahmed Mubbashir Khan

software Engineer in Test in Munich - Germany

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A software tester who likes being agile.

Working as a Software Tester since I graduated in 2005

I have 15+ years of experience of testing, automating checks and creating CI/CD pipelines of all sort of applications including desktop web, web services, command line and mobile applications.

Most of my testing career have been about bringing teams together in a self organizing agile team specially to test better in agile context.

I have helped multiple teams/organizations to achieve great efficiently by automating across the agile testing quadrants (Unit, Integration, Functional, Load and Performance and Checking and Testing..) , writing automation scripts, maintaining continuous Integration servers and build pipelines.

In terms of automation, I have written automation scripts in Java, Python, Groovy, Javascript/typescript and a few in Ruby, Scala and C# too in all sort of testing frameworks though I prefer "BDD" and "Specification By Example" approach and I love to talk about Testing especially in agile development context.

Context is the King.