Muhammed Yesilhark

Founder in Dubai

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Muhammed Yesilhark had held a very high position as the head of European Equities till April 2016. During his work at the European Equities, he had dealt with funds that had amounted to more than 55 billion dollars. He has been one of the most responsible managers. The checking of the exposure of European funds was done by him and most of the dealing of finances of the organization was performed by him. Most of the global fund exposure was handled by Muhammed and the amount which was regularly handled by him reached up to a value of 8 billion dollars. He was one of the most honest managers of European Equities in terms of fund dealing. Such huge amounts were often managed by him and there had been no discrepancies in data handling.

Muhammed chose a team of five members who were extremely efficient and had worked at SAC global investors. This team was handpicked by him to move into Carmignac. Initially, Muhammed Yesilhark was the partner and manager at SAC Global Investors. It is one of those organizations which has huge funds and regularly deals with amounts like $15bn AuM. He also handled the European Equities which had a funding of $550AuM. Muhammed has proved himself as a successful financial manager at the European Hedge Fund. He was one of the names in the reputed list of “40 under 40” achievers. His abilities have made him one of the highest-earning individuals in the financial and management sectors.

Mohammed Yesilhark had initially worked in London after moving from Frankfurt. This was before he had undertaken the job at SAC. In London, he had worked on a New York-based hedge fund named York Capital Management. He had joined the firm as an associate. His skills had elevated him to the position of Director within the span of four years. At the very young age of 27, he became one of the most successful and youngest directors in the firms of London. He had worked in reputed firms and continues to serve in the financial services. York Capital Management had invested in a number of German-speaking countries. This has been possible due to the expertise of Muhammed.

Muhammed had initially begun his career at Lazard's Frankfurt office. He had joined this firm as an analyst and was a member of the mergers and acquisition practices. He was trained efficiently in the field of investment and management of Capital in this firm.