Jake Mulhern

Denver, Co

Heeeeeyyyy yooouuu guuyyysss!
A little bit about myself? Well, I guess my real fandom lies in music. I live, breath, and sometimes even eat music. I enjoy music of all shapes, sizes, and genres.
I suppose to want to hear about the real nerdy stuff though. I am fairly new to the nerd-game. I read comics and played videojuegos as a young chap but didn't really get into these things until about six years ago. I remember it well. My friend suggested I try reading Red Son to dive back into the world of comics and I was instantly hooked. From there I moved on to Sandman, The Boys, Preacher, and other wonderfully wonderful titles.
As far as other media goes I am a dedicated Whovian and stand by my view that Eccleston was the best Doctor. I enjoy many other shows and movies but don’t need to go into those except for The Walking Dead. This is my jam. Slow moving zombies over fast moving zombies any day. I’d be fine if the zombie apocalypse happened during my lifetime, I’m prepared and ALWAYS scan each room I enter for the best possible zombie weapon. So maybe don’t sneak up on me.
Anyway, glad to be writing for all you Hush Comics readers out there! You guys and gals are splendid.