Mullan Inc

Direct Marketing, B2B Sales, and Consulting in Jacksonville, Florida

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Welcome to Mullan Inc, a prestigious, independently owned marketing company in Jacksonville, Florida. We bridge the gap between our mobile communications client and consumers by building relationships and providing consulting services to small business owners and qualified consumers at their place of business.

Marketing companies do a variety of things depending on the industry they are in. A lot of people immediately think marketing means advertising through large, indirect channels such as billboards, flyers, emails, commercials, etc. These methods are effective for general consumers, but they have had less of an impact on business customers.

This is where Mullan Inc comes in! Our multi-billion dollar client outsources its marketing and sales to us to increase their market share in acquiring these sought-after small business accounts. This direct marketing approach has proven to be the most successful and profitable for all involved.

Mullan Inc is most famous for its Management Training Program, which allows our team members to be trained in all aspects of our business prior to transitioning into a Campaign Management role. We are committed to our client and customers, but we are also committed to providing as much opportunity as possible to our team through professional advancement.

What starts as a role of bridging the gap between our client and customer develops into an entrepreneurial opportunity that allows our team at Mullan Inc to determine what success means to them. We are excited to see what’s in store for our team next. Whatever it is, we know it will be HUGELY SUCCESSFUL!

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